"The bible of vegetarians in the 1970s."

  -- L.A. Times




By Anna Thomas

Illustrations by Julie Maas

Alfred A. Knopf, 1972


With over a million copies sold, and still selling, this is universally recognized as the book that brought vegetarian cooking into the realm of delicious gourmet eating – and put Anna Thomas on the culinary map. Written while she was a film student at UCLA, the book developed a devoted following, was translated into several languages, and gave rise to an entire literature of vegetarian food writing. In its various editions, it has been continuously in print for over 40 years. The two hundred and sixty-two recipes of Anna’s youthful effort, it has been noted, are not shy with the butter and cream! They include Pea Soup with butter dumplings, Irish Soda Bread, Spanakopita, Chestnut Souffle, Russian Vegetable Pie, Ratatouille, German Apple Pancake, and Linzertorte. There are special sections on holiday food, and suggested menus.





By Anna Thomas

Illustrations by Julie Maas

Alfred A. Knopf, 1978


The companion volume to the original classic, this book was written after a period of enthusiastic travel and exploration. The 325 recipes include special sections on Italian, Spanish, Mexican and Indian foods, as well as a chapter on preserves and relishes. Recipes include pumpkin cornbread, green chili and cheese soup, Florentine bread salad, cold cherry-lemon soup, mushroom pate, pierogi, gingered eggplant salad, tortilla Espanola, avocado tacos, curried garbanzo beans, and apple strudel.

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